What others say about Michael Wilson

“Michael Wilson is that rarest breed of modern writer. With articles that
transcend commercial trivialities and a style that ropes in even the most
casual reader, Wilson’s pen wields the power to elevate or destroy any
subject lucky – or unlucky – enough to fall in his sights. The Michael
Wilson review probes beneath the surface to expose the glistening sinew at
the material’s core, doing so with unmatched style and unparalleled flair.
If the foundation is solid, Wilson can construct a castle to show the world,
but if unsound, he can reduce the illusion to rubble in one fell swoop. And
Michael Wilson’s prowess doesn’t end there. He’s also a fiction writer, set
to tackle a genre that’s needed its ass kicked for a while now. Heads up,
zombies. My money’s on Michael Wilson.”

– BC Furtney, Director & Writer of New Terminal Hotel, Author of Scarla.

“Michael has a keen eye for detail and he is fast and efficient. Whether he is writing constructive reviews, proofreading or general writing, his work is impeccable.”

– Shaun Jeffrey, Author of The Kult.

“Horrific, depraved, hilarious, offensive.”

– George Ttoouli, Author of Static Exile, speaking about Michael’s fiction.

“Michael is a hard-working and enthusiastic individual, who seeks to find merit through whatever task he is given and report on it honestly. He is a very promising face in journalism with his concise and focused style of writing.”

– Ann Sulaiman, Contributor, Terrorizer Online.

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