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Five Reasons to Read Horror

I mentioned a few blog posts ago that I’ve started up the new horror literature resource Read Horror. Since its inception into the world just shy of a month ago it has gone from strength to strength. I set this up as the definitive horror literature resource, and whilst I’d be kidding myself and everybody else if I were to claim it has become that, it is certainly starting to take shape. For those of you who have yet to jump on the Read Horror bandwagon, read on for five reasons as to why you should Read Horror.

  1. Be a part of a growing community whilst it’s in its infancy. Since day one, Read Horror has attracted over one hundred unique visitors per day. Given a lack of paid for publicity and a launch that consisted less of a build up and more of “WE’RE HERE!” this is a reasonable achievement, added to which it’s growing every day. Speaking of growing each day Read Horror set up a Facebook group over the Easter weekend, why not join in the fun?
  2. New content every day. Whether it’s reviews, news, interviews, features, previews or an introduction to one of the must-read voices in horror literature, Read Horror brings you fresh content every [working] day. Sometimes we out do ourselves and provide you updates at the weekend or on bank holidays. Take today for example, here in the UK it’s a bank holiday, but a few banks closing didn’t stop us running a quick interview with zombie hack Eric S Brown.
  3. Meet The Writer. The popularity of the Meet The Writer section can be attested to through the growing number of readers and writers getting in touch and requesting various writers are featured in this exciting section. Meet The Writer provides a quick, fun, introduction to new and veteran horror writers. So far we’ve heard from Adam Nevill, David Moody, Wayne Simmons, Stephen Volk, Gary McMahon and many more.
  4. We really care about horror. This isn’t just a resource, but a way of life. Horror runs through our veins, crimson splashes marking our path. Horror writer and journalist, Michael Wilson set this up because he wanted to reverse the mainstream trend, where literature is kicked to the kerb and the media concentrate on horror cinema. We are reversing the trend, one step at a time.
  5. Because the best of horror literature is the best in literature. That’s what Jonathan Oliver, Editor at Abaddon Publishing, said when interviewed in the forthcoming Scream Magazine and do you know what? He was right!
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