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Nevermore – The Obsidian Conspiracy

After the face destroying evolutionary masterpiece This Godless Endeavour it was always going to be a tall ask for Nevermore to produce another album of equal standing.

Unfortunately Nevermore haven’t quite hit the mark with this one. Nevermore have released an album that is simply average, a feat that I had hoped would be impossible after two decades of quality releases. That’s not to say that this album is bad by any stretch, it possesses a handful of crushing trademark Nevermore tracks, packed with beautiful solos, monstrous riffs and Warrel Dane’s face melting vocals such as ‘Moonrise’ and the title track.

The Obsidian Conspiracy is diet Nevermore, the solos are not as predominant, the lyrics are a lot more transparently bad and after your first listen you’re left feeling incredibly underwhelmed. Nevermore have never been deemed masters of language but the angst-filled “If you lie to me, slander me/ this is why I hate you” taken from ‘Without Morals’ sound more akin to Bullet For My Valentine than classic Nevermore lyrics.

For those who have not experienced Nevermore (where have you been?) this release will certainly whet the appetite for more, in which case I urge you towards This Godless Endeavour, Enemies of Reality and Dead Heart in a Dead World. For hardened veterans of Nevermore The Obsidian Conspiracy is instantly forgettable.



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